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November 1 deadline

Broken City Lab Artist Collective
$120,000 over two years to create CIVICspace, a place where artists and emerging leaders are able to work together with individuals and organizations to enhance the quality of life in Windsor-Essex. Funding is for store front space, salary for part time collective community animators, advertising and marketing costs, and outreach materials and event costs.

Centres for Seniors Windsor, as lead organization on this collaborative
$150,000 over one year to expand physical fitness activities and opportunities for seniors, students, and community at large through the construction of a walking track.

Chatham Kent Drug Awareness Council
$148,000 over two years to hire a coordinator for administrative and program support for the Chatham-Kent Drug Strategy implementation.

Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point
$80,400 over one year to construct a skate park that will provide safe, accessible recreation opportunities for local youth.

Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point
$52,000 over one year to provide a support program for women and girls on the Kettle and Stony Point First Nations reserve who are victims of domestic violence. The program will provide mentoring and community education/awareness activities.

Community Living Wallaceburg
$48,000 over one year to train staff on database management software which will increase efficiency in reporting, and ensure continuity of services and support to clients across the organization.

Heritage Days (Faire at the Forks)
$101,000 over two years to hire a coordinator to ensure the successful production of a three-day reenactment of the Battle of the Thames commemorating the 200th anniversary of the historic event.

Kent Military Reenactment Society, as lead organization on this collaborative
$60,000 over one year to develop garden sites significant to the historical celebration of the bicentennial of the War of 1812 along the Tecumseh Parkway in Chatham, Kent.

Kiwanis Club of Forest
$45,000 over one year to upgrade equipment to continue to operate this local volunteer run movie theatre in rural Lambton County.

Northstar Cultural Community Centre
$30,000 over one year to retain a development consultant to assist the Board in setting strategic priorities and goals to support a long term future for the Essex organization.

Polish Village Cultural & Educational Society Windsor
$120,500 over one year to upgrade kitchen equipment and renovate the storage area at Dom Polski allowing the organization to continue to provide a safe and healthy experience to visitors of the Polish Village.

Stoney Point Sportsmen's Club
$10,800 over one year to install new equipment and purchase a fire alarm system.

The Chris Dawson Memorial Foundation
$99,200 over two years to enhance the voluntary sector capacity by providing a safe, accessible not-for-profit centre in Sarnia. Funding is for a full-time project coordinator, an intercom system and a full security system.

United Way of Chatham-Kent, as lead organization on this collaborative
$150,000 over two years to hire a coordinator and provide administrative and program support to build and sustain the Chatham-Kent Prosperity Roundtable. The purpose of the Roundtable is to provide leadership in the development, promotion and implementation of a local prosperity plan intended to reduce poverty among residents of Chatham-Kent.

Victim Services of Sarnia Lambton, Inc.
$15,000 over one year to purchase vests for all agency volunteers so that they are easily recognized by emergency first responders.

Westover Treatment Centre
$86,200 over one year to enhance accessibility between buildings via a walkway and improved lighting, ensuring safe access for all clients and visitors to the Centre.

Wheatley Baptist Church
$8,400 over one year to purchase sound equipment for the Talbot Trail Theatre Company enhancing the experience for youth aged six to 18 who take part in musical productions.

Windsor Dance eXperience
$14,000 over two years to host a series of dance, drama and theatre-related workshops in the community to provide learning opportunities to those interested in performing arts.

Windsor Pride Community
$150,000 over two years to purchase donor database software, and hire an executive director and a communications consultant to assist the organization in the implementation of their strategic plan. This will provide the organization the necessary tools to diversify their funding base and increase their future sustainability.

Windsor West Indian Association
$120,500 over one year to renovate this community centre by repairing the roof, the main hall and the washrooms to provide a safe and more enjoyable environment to the community.

Windsor-Essex Pride Fest
$120,300 over two years to hire a business development coordinator to develop a marketing strategy, redevelop the brand and create an online presence. Funding will also provide the infrastructure required to increase the number of events held by the Festival throughout the year, and increase community participation and awareness of the LGBT community.

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July 1 deadline

Arts Council - Windsor and Region
$184,000 over three years to expand a part-time staff position to full-time in order to diversify funding sources to generate long term sustainability for the organization. The grant will also be used to increase promotional efforts for arts and culture in Windsor Essex, enhance the existing website, as well as hire a part-time outreach coordinator who will focus on recruiting and training new volunteers and strengthen the volunteer sector.

Athletics Southwest Minor Track and Field Club (Lambton)
$80,800 over one year to continue expanding track and field programming for all members of the community.

Bkejwanong Territory (Walpole Island)
$111,600 over two years to develop and pilot cultural sensitivity training modules to build sustainable, ethical, respectful and equitable dialogue and networks among Anishinabe communities and mainstream enforcement, judicial and border services in Sarnia Lambton, Chatham-Kent.

Chatham-Kent On the Edge Arts Festival, as lead organization on this collaborative
$71,600 over one year to support this multi-disciplinary arts festival featuring traditional and contemporary art of all types. Funding will also explore the concept of a creative shared space in downtown Chatam-Kent which will further promote and foster collaboration on cultural activities in the region.

Children's Safety Village of Windsor and Essex County
$273,800 over three years to develop and provide safety and injury prevention programming in French, which currently is only available in English. Programs and events will be delivered to the Francophone community of Windsor-Essex which includes more than 4000 school children. Initiatives such as re-branding, marketing, website development and volunteer recruitment will also be undertaken. Funds are also for hiring necessary bilingual staff.

Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator
$166,200 over three years to hire a business animator to support the growth of small entrepreneurial businesses and facilitate collaboration opportunities among local businesses.

Italian Canadian Handicapable Association
$5,800 over one year to support the athletes in the upcoming soccer tournament by providing t-shirts, medals and a championship trophy.

Leamington Cougar Basketball Association
$28,400 over three years to extend house league basketball programming to high school level as well as increase the capacity of the organization through coach development and marketing. This will enhance physical activity for youth aged 12 to 18.

Municipality of Lambton Shores, as lead organization on this collaborative
$33,300 over one year to repair and improve the local baseball diamond, which is the only one located in Grand Bend, in order to provide a safe place for all residents to enjoy an outdoor sport activity.

Muslim Association of Canada - Windsor Chapter
$104,300 to renovate the gym facilities at the Rose City Islamic Centre to improve safety and increase community use.

Sarnia Gives
$45,000 over one year to build an engaged, sustainable network of not-for-profit organizations, employers and individuals. Funding will allow the organization, which is an online information exchange, to complete their website, develop the database, map community organizations, purchase IT equipment, and increase volunteerism and the capacity of smaller local organizations to deliver their own programs and services.

Softech Alliance Network
$95,000 over three years to provide young entrepreneurs in the technology sector with shared desk space at the Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator as well as support and mentorship from industry partners. The Softech Alliance Network will forge partnerships between business, not-for-profits and educational institutions and develop a youth and young entrepreneur support program to encourage youth retention and employment opportunities in the region.

St. Clair Region Conservation Authority, as lead organization on this collaborative
$60,000 over two years to hire a program facilitator to oversee the Tallgrass Prairie restoration program in Lambton County. This will directly benefit the overall biodiversity of the region for years to come.

St. Clair Region Conservation Foundation, as lead organization on this collaborative
$173,400 over three years to engage the community to improve ecosystem health by strategically restoring wildlife habitat in the Upper Sydenham River watershed and Strathroy-Caradoc sand plain, a 160,000-acre area located in Middlesex and Lambton Counties.

The Mary Webb Cultural and Community Centre
$55,000 over one year to restore the roof of this historical and architectural building for use by the Highgate community and surrounding areas. The Centre hosts cultural activities, workshops, the performing arts and festivals, and is a focal meeting point for the community.

United Way/Centraide Windsor/Essex County, as lead organization on this collaborative
$215,600 over three years to build capacity of the Windsor-Essex County Drug Strategy Implementation Group and support activities related to prevention, harm reduction and enforcement. The grant will also support a full-time coordinator who is necessary to maintain the momentum of the project.

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March 1 deadline

Alvinston and Districts Optimist Club, as lead organization on this collaborative
$25,300 over one year to develop a green space on the main street of this small rural community which includes gardens, trees, benches, swings and a games table and seats.

Bkejwanong Territory (Walpole Island), as lead organization on this collaborative
$109,800 over two years to provide support services including crisis intervention to First Nations youth attending Wallaceburg Secondary School thereby increasing their opportunity for success.

Blenheim Youth Centre
$143,900 over three years to provide staffing and funding for an office renovation and equipment, as well as fund the after-school nutrition program to meet the needs of youth in the area.

Carrefour des Femmes du Sud-Ouest de l'Ontario, as lead organization on this collaborative
$32,000 over two years to support program expenses of the "√Čtincelle" project over three years which will provide entrepreneurship training to 90 francophone women in Southwestern Ontario.

Centre communautaire de Chatham-Kent La Girouette
$47,700 over one year to provide lighting and sound equipment, tables, chairs and various supplies to enhance programming provided to the Francophone community.

Club Alouette
$69,000 over one year to fund capital improvements including new walls and flooring for this Essex facility which will lead to greater community use.

$26,000 over two years to hire a consultant to develop and deliver the Leaders Within Project which will provide leadership and public speaking skills to individuals with an intellectual disability.

Confederation Chapter IODE
$5,800 over one year to repair the gazebo roof at the Kiwanis Park in Ridgetown to ensure that the structure remains safe to use by all in the community.

Dresden & District Horticultural Society
$13,900 over one year to fund installation of a pathway in the Public Medieval Cloister Teaching Garden located at Rotary Park to allow for availability and access to the gardens.

Lambton County Developmental Services
$69,800 over one year to renovate the current workshop to accommodate a much expanded woodworking operation offering training and employment opportunities to developmentally disabled adults.

$171,200 over two years to increase the likelihood that children and teens achieve their best level of functioning academically, remain in school when they transition to a community school and graduate from high school. Funding includes salaries for youth workers, a transition coach, smart board technology and an evaluation of the program.

Restorative Justice Chatham-Kent
$60,000 over three years to provide intervention programming designed to prevent delinquency and recidivism for youth at risk or in conflict.

Sarnia Artwalk
$130,000 over two years to grow the arts and environmental festival by expanding to include a children's program, invite more well known artists to perform, and become more strategic in terms of coordination, branding and promotion. This will stimulate the local economy, attract more tourists and provide more Canadian artists with venues to showcase their work.

The Canadian Red Cross Society, Sarnia/Lambton Branch
$30,000 over one year to continue the Volunteer Transportation Program so clients can attend medical appointments, grocery shopping, social outings and visit loved ones.

The County of Lambton Community Development Corporation, as lead organization on this collaborative
$141,200 over two years to implement the "Return the Landscape" program of native plant rescue and site development. Funding will pay for coordinators' salaries and for community education on the importance of native species and naturalized areas.

Transition to Betterness Family and Health Care
$60,600 over two years to increase organizational capacity and community support by hiring consultants to engage in strategic and communications planning in Windsor-Essex.

Windsor Symphony Society
$158,600 over three years to purchase a Customer Relations Management software system to serve customers and supporters better and to ensure the future sustainability of the organization.

Windsor-Essex County Festival Network
$225,000 over three years to develop and implement strategic planning as well as branding, cultural mapping and a regional conference, to better serve the Network's members and to raise the profile of the region within the festival and event tourism market.

Youth & Family Resource Network of Essex County
$157,400 over three years to develop Bikesmart, a social enterprise, that will engage local youth in repairing and refurbishing donated bicycles to sell back to the community, providing affordable transportation options to low-income families across Essex County reducing youth isolation.

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