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November 1

November 1 deadline

Anishnabeg Outreach Employment and Training Inc.
$150,000 over two years to enhance service delivery for urban Aboriginal youth and to increase community engagement through a highly structured, culture-based learning program and readily identifiable meeting space.

Cambridge Community Orchestra
$124,000 over three years to support the creation and implementation of a comprehensive three-year financial plan to ensure the continued growth and success of the organization.

Cambridge Minor Softball Inc.
$31,000 over one year to purchase equipment to replace items lost in a fire which will maintain the existing softball league for youth three to 19 in the Cambridge community.

Cambridge Sculpture Garden
$38,500 over one year to install new lighting and electricity in the garden which will improve the safety of visitors and to offer more programing to a wider array of people in the Cambridge community.

Centre for Community Based Research, as lead organization on this collaborative
$77,000 over two years to fund some of the operating costs of the organization and pay salary for one part-time coordinator who will develop workshop curriculum related to ethics and community-based research to serve Waterloo Region.

Dufferin Youth Shelter
$192,800 over three years to hire staff to coordinate volunteers, secure new funding for the organization and expand programming to better serve youth who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in Dufferin County.

eyeGO to the Arts Inc., as lead organization on this collaborative
$167,000 over three years to fund a youth advisory group who will develop a series of outreach projects identifying ways to engage students and deepen their understanding of the arts, from production, performance to administration, and develop the next generation of arts goers.

Faery Fest Inc
$10,000 over one year to cover the costs of running the Enchanted Ground Card Game, which includes the material costs of printing the cards and rulebook, purchasing two tents, four tables, props and costumes required by volunteers. This funding support will increase attendance of the Faery Fest in Guelph.

Fergus Model Flyers Inc
$8,000 over one year to increase access to events and membership by purchasing portable toilets and improving the quality of the facilities.

Guelph Synchronized Swim Club
$5,300 over one year to fund a new portable underwater sound system enhancing the performance of more than 100 swimmers.

HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre
$24,800 over two years to design a new recreational-based program that is unique for children and their siblings who are currently facing or have faced the challenges of cancer. This will foster play, physical activity, social interaction and provide a creative outlet.

Innovation Guelph Resource Centre
$56,000 over one year to design a change lab to test and prototype ground-breaking community-based change methodologies that will promote social enterprise, social innovation and transform how we work on large scale complex challenges in the 21st century. Funding is for design consultation, approximately 35 community learning sessions, and development of learning documentation.

Kitchener-Waterloo Access-Ability
$73,100 over two years to increase access to physical exercise and wellness information by starting a program for persons with disabilities living in the Kitchener Waterloo area.

Kitchener-Waterloo Counselling Services Incorporated
$140,400 over two years to increase the quality and amount of services offered to seniors in the Kitchener-Waterloo community.

Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph
$13,400 over one year to purchase staging to increase the opportunity for revenue generation through rentals.

Preston Lawn Bowling Club
$23,700 over one year to purchase a new greens mower and roller that will improve participation in the club.

Ray of Hope Inc.
$150,000 over one year to renovate the front entrance, washrooms and windows, thereby increasing accessibility and energy efficiency in the organization's main facility in Waterloo.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 296 - Harriston
$102,000 over one year to replace the roof and furnace, purchase signage and a security alarm that will ensure a safe and accessible community space for the people of Harriston.

The Orangeville Lions Club
$78,700 over one year to construct an outdoor, multi-use, year round sports pad so that residents of all ages can have access to free and low cost recreational activities in Orangeville.

Town of Erin
$60,000 over one year to increase recreational space by providing a skateboard/BMX pad for the town's youth and adults.

Township of North Dumfries
$46,900 over one year to increase safety and access to an existing walking track by replacing the old, worn out surface. This will increase the quality of recreational activities available to the community.

Township of Wellington North, as lead organization on this collaborative
$94,200 over one year to build and renovate playgrounds in order to provide a safe recreational area for the growing number of families living in the community.

Volunteer Centre of Guelph/Wellington, as lead organization on this collaborative
$197,400 over three years to increase the capacity of three volunteer centres to design and implement an integrated professional training and consulting program model that strengthens governance and organizational development throughout Waterloo-Wellington counties.

Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health Inc.
$143,000 over three years to create a model program that links physical exercise, fundraising and mental health in order to facilitate the work and sustainability of mental health organizations in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas.

Waterloo Regional Matmen Wrestling Club
$43,000 over one year to buy new mats and score clocks which will increase access to wrestling tournaments, training and other events for youth and adults in the Kitchener Waterloo area.

Woolwich Community Health Centre
$148,800 over three years to improve literacy and employment opportunities for the Low German community in rural Woolwich and surrounding areas.

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July 1 deadline

Ayr Curling Club
$74,900 over one year to improve the recreational and fitness opportunities for Ayr and area residents and to increase the energy efficiency of the curling rink by providing a new floor for the ice surface.

Children's Aid Society of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, as lead organization on this collaborative
$185,700 over three years to hire a coordinator to establish a comprehensive partnership strategy for a family-centred community hub that houses over 15 community agencies and groups.

Community Justice Initiatives of Waterloo Region
$225,100 over four years to implement and assess an Elder Mediation Service (EMS) that will offer older adults 55+, their families and others in their lives a safe, respectful process of mediation to address difficult issues in the lives of older adults.

Community Living Guelph Wellington, as lead organization on this collaborative
$60,400 over two years to build community readiness by creating a network of trained community facilitators and mentors for individuals with developmental challenges as part of a more comprehensive and integrated support system.

Eden Mills Millpond Conservation Association Inc.
$120,000 over one year to decrease the environmental footprint of Eden Mills Community Hall by installing energy efficient windows and insulation. This grant is part of much larger initiative in this small Wellington village which is to become the first carbon neutral village in North America.

Ennotville Historical Library
$14,900 over one year to provide an improved and more widely used community space in this small rural Wellington area by repairing the Ennotville library roof and upgrading the kitchen.

Family Counselling and Support Services for Guelph-Wellington
$20,000 over one year to develop a revenue generating strategy for Credit and Debt Counseling Services that will improve access to individuals unable to pay for these services.

Fergus Agricultural Society
$50,500 over one year to ensure the safety and well-being of patrons by supplying hand washing stations and more accessible bleachers.

Grand River Jazz Society Corp.
$36,700 over one year to purchase a grand piano for community usage for this newly formed jazz society and to provide emerging artist and students the opportunity to play and learn from high quality jazz performers.

Guelph Athletics Society
$99,500 over one year to increase fitness for children and adults by providing new age-appropriate track and field equipment.

Guelph Marlin Aquatic Club
$48,500 over one year to provide increased fitness and recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities by updating and upgrading the pool and swim meet equipment.

Kitchener Waterloo Woodworking and Craft Centre
$11,700 over one year to purchase a wide belt sander in order to expand the range of activities offered to seniors and others who participate in woodworking at the Centre.

MS Society of Canada, Waterloo District Chapter
$28,500 over one year to enhance social interaction, activity and improve quality of life for people living with MS by offering barrier-free, motivating and safe exercise and fitness opportunities through the use of electronic, interactive fitness gaming (Wii and X-Box).

Ontario Senior Games Waterloo/Wellington District 26
$15,000 over one year to purchase equipment allowing the organization to promote activities and provide online registration for increased participation in the Games, especially among the 55-plus age group.

Reaching Our Outdoor Friends (ROOF)
$90,600 over three years to strengthen organizational capacity and build long-term financial viability for the organization, by extending part-time staff hours for essential services, as well as help ROOF design and implement a strategic fund development strategy with revenue and youth employment opportunities.

Riverside Celtic Society
$65,300 over two years to pay the director's salary and strengthen organizational capacity through marketing strategies which will increase visibility and profile in the community, increase and diversify the membership base.

Social Planning Council of Cambridge & North Dumfries, as lead organization on this collaborative
$64,400 over two years to develop a comprehensive community-driven action plan for seniors and older adults in order to create more responsive communities as baby boomers age and more people choose Cambridge as an attractive retirement destination. The collaborative will identify priorities and engage a wide range of service providers.

The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation
$20,000 over one year to increase financial capacity of organizations in Waterloo region by creating new tools of engagement (video taped stories) that will connect donors to vibrant community organizations.

Township of East Luther Grand Valley
$7,200 over one year to provide an accessible computer work station for the sight and physically impaired at the local library.

Township of Guelph/Eramosa
$66,800 over one year to increase fitness and recreational activities for all ages by providing three newly renovated tennis courts.

United Way of Kitchener-Waterloo & Area, as lead organization on this collaborative
$71,100 over one year to support a youth-led, youth-developed program designed to engage a diverse range of youth and immerse participants (14-18) in a graduated series of intensive experiential educational sessions developing their capabilities as young change makers.

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March 1 deadline

80 KW Spitfire Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
$15,500 over one year to increase youth participation in Kitchener Waterloo Royal Canadian Air Cadets by providing new instruments for its marching band.

Action Read Community Literacy Centre of Guelph
$15,000 over one year to increase accessibility by improving safety features of the learning centre and enhancing technology for staff and community members.

Cambridge Shelter Corporation
$39,000 over one year to establish a peer mentoring program for men at the new Saginaw House in Cambridge, a transitional, safe, abstinence-based housing for men waiting to go to drug or alcohol residential rehabilitation treatment, and those returning from it.

Career Education Council Guelph Wellington Dufferin
$77,800 over two years to increase the future employment options for high school aged youth by providing classroom presentations, workshops and conferences on the opportunities for meaningful and important work available in the agricultural industry.

Golden Triangle Marine Modellers Inc
$8,100 over one year to purchase equipment to support the organization in delivering a number of free model boat shows in Waterloo Region. The new equipment will give children and youth opportunities to participate in this recreational activity.

Kitchener Blues Community Inc.
$163,500 over three years to support the operating and stage costs in order to stabilize this community organization over the next three years.

Kitchener Musical Society Band Inc.
$27,500 over one year to purchase new tympani and percussion equipment that will enable the organization to hold over 25 free, public concerts annually, promoting music and culture.

Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, as lead organization on this collaborative
$94,800 over one year to design a shared vision for an arts and literacy program and community engagement strategy as part of the planned revitalization of the civic district.

Kitchener-Waterloo Flying Dutchmen Radio Control Model Club
$10,000 over one year to continue to provide a safe and well-kept field for unique recreational opportunities for youth and others in Waterloo region by purchasing a new lawn mower.

K-W Musical Productions
$22,600 over one year to improve the efficiency and safety of the building which will improve attendance by Kitchener Waterloo residents and generate revenue through increased participation and usage.

Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support
$75,700 over two years to raise awareness about the challenges facing refugee claimants in the community, to educate and mobilize the community to support refugee claimants, and to increase revenues for organizational stability.

Opportunities Waterloo Region, as lead organization on this collaborative
$140,400 over two years to increase the accessibility of community gardens throughout the city of Kitchener which will result in numerous environmental, social and health benefits to people with disabilities.

$110,000 over one year to create an accessible building so that people with physical challenges can enjoy indoor and outdoor recreational activities and cultural events at this beautiful country property.

Saugeen Economic Development Corporation
$40,000 over one year to offer 30 workshops in at least 12 communities in Grey, Bruce and Wellington counties. The workshops will help not-for-profit organizations and small businesses find ways to work more closely with one another and develop the skills, tools and knowledge needed to increase their capacity, leadership and economic resilience.

Shelburne Curling Club
$83,000 over one year to increase accessibility to this thriving curling club by installing an elevator, a ramp and accessible washrooms.

Spark Music Festival
$13,200 over one year to support the business plan that is required for this Waterloo group to grow partnerships and create a more robust festival.

Sustainable Waterloo
$23,900 to increase the potential for better addressing the need for community-based action on GHG emissions beyond Waterloo Region through the development of a scalable business strategy and model.

Sustainable Waterloo Region, as lead organization on this collaborative
$150,000 over two years to develop a community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and action plan with the collaboration of municipalities, non-governmental organizations, private sector partners, and other community members across the Waterloo region. This initiative is intended to be integrated into a larger environmental regional strategy in 2014.

The Elora Centre for Environmental Excellence
$86,200 over one year to enhance and help protect the local ecosystem by creating a model for effective planning and implementation of a community developed energy plan.

The Multicultural Theatre Space (The MT Space) Inc.
$100,000 over two years to hire a general manager to increase the organization's capacity to expand revenues and enhance relationships, thereby strengthening their long term ability to deliver high quality, culturally diverse and innovative performing-art projects in the Waterloo community.

Theatre Orangeville
$77,000 over two years to sustain a healthy arts community in Dufferin by strengthening the capacity of the organization to continue to offer high quality professional Canadian theatre.

Township of East Garafraxa, as lead organization on this collaborative
$49,500 over one year to provide alternative supply of electricity to the newly designated emergency shelter in East Garafraxa by supplying a generator.

Township of Wilmot, as lead organization on this collaborative
$55,700 over one year to purchase equipment for the new youth and seniors centre in this rural community. Equipment will support the municipality in delivering new programming to seniors and youth.

Wellington North Ringette Association
$11,400 over one year to expand the program, recruit additional volunteer coaches and deliver skills training programs in order to increase physical activity programs in rural areas.

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