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A.C.E.R. Inc (Association for Canadian Educational Resources), as lead organization on this collaborative
$129,300 over three years to fund staff and program materials to engage youth and community members in planting projects designed to monitor and assess the environmental impact of climate change in Niagara.The information gathered through field work and workshops will help establish benchmark data related to the effect of climate change on local ecosystems.

Business Education Council of Niagara
$74,800 over two years to hire a program coordinator to build awareness and commitment in the private sector to support poverty reduction programs. Business support will include funding, mentorship, human resources, donated space, employment opportunities and sharing of best business practices beneficial to individuals and organizations addressing poverty in Niagara.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind, Niagara Office
$80,800 over two years to hire a full-time coordinator of volunteer services to establish a framework of effective volunteer management, recruit and train volunteers and match them with visually-impaired clients in Niagara.

Canadian Red Cross-Niagara
$48,800 over one year to create a customer service and data management system for the organization's home equipment loan program. This will maximize operating efficiencies in providing accessibility devices to those in need in Niagara.

$12,000 over six months to purchase a photocopier and a telephone system in order for the Niagara Regional Sexual Assault Centre to provide critical resource materials to the community and individuals who seek its public education, counseling and volunteer or emergency services.

Community Living Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln
$112,900 over one year to renovate the organization's facility in order to centralize and expand employment training and workforce opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities and other members of the community re-entering the work force.

Community Living St. Catharines
$80,000 over one year to install an elevator. This will make programs and services at the Centre of Excellence for Families with Intellectual Disabilities in St. Catharines more accessible.

Folk Arts Council of St. Catharines, as lead organization on this collaborative
$63,700 over two years to develop and deliver workshops and educational opportunities to increase refugee and newcomer knowledge of and participation in environmentally sustainable initiatives and activities. Workshop topics will include waste reduction, recycle and composting issues, water and energy consumption reduction, and production of healthy food in small spaces.

Foundation of Resources for Teens
$111,800 over two years to hire a resource developer to plan and implement strategies to ensure the success of an after-school program for youth in grades 6 to 9 in West Lincoln. The program offers youth a place to meet where they can participate in constructive activities, meet new friends and build a social network that will help reduce feelings of isolation and discourage at-risk behaviours.

Hannah House Maternity Home
$183,500 over three years to implement "A Place of My Own," a program to assist young pregnant women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to move into stable, secure supported transitional housing in Niagara. The program will provide guidance, education and will support women to take control of their situation and feel empowered to make choices to move themselves forward.

Lakemount Worship Centre
$26,800 over nine months to purchase equipment and create a fully-functional gymnasium that can host a broad range of community-focused sports, events and recreational activities in Grimsby.

Niagara Antique Power Association
$13,600 over nine months to undertake repairs and upgrades to three heritage buildings located in Port Colborne. These improvements will support the preservation and promotion of the region's agricultural heritage.

Niagara Falls Curling Club
$28,500 over six months to upgrade the ice-making equipment needed to support curling activities.

Niagara Historical Society
$24,200 over one year to deliver a theatrical performance set during the War of 1812 to enable visitors and students to learn and re-enact life during this historic period in Niagara on the Lake.

Niagara Peninsula Community Resource Centre
$177,400 over one year to renovate a building for use as a community training centre. Funds will be used to upgrade roofing, insulation and windows and doors, as well as purchase office fixtures and equipment. Youth with employment barriers will be trained to carry out the renovations. A project manager will be hired to establish the centre and create a social enterprise and business incubation hub to assist youth to start small enterprises.

Niagara Region Children's Safety Village
$5,800 over six months to install new flooring and complete painting renovations at this facility, which provides safety education to school-age children and residents of Niagara.

Niagara Resource Service For Youth
$194,800 over three years to hire a resource developer to seek new funding opportunities, community donations, partnerships and other financial support for Project Reclaim. Project Reclaim will develop a social enterprise combining employment training, biomass production and community development to improve the lives of at-risk youth.

Niagara Sustainability Initiative
$74,700 over one year to develop a web-based platform to be used by individuals and organizations to enhance collaboration, collect information, engage volunteers and promote environmental sustainability in Niagara.

St. Catharines Minor Baseball Association
$3,400 over six months to purchase Blastball and training equipment in order to increase the number of young children participating in minor baseball throughout St. Catharines and Niagara on the Lake. Blastball introduces children ages three to six to the basics of baseball.

Welland Soccer Club Inc.
$75,000 over nine months to purchase soccer netting systems to make better use of playing fields in Welland so more young soccer players can participate in the Long Term Player Development program.

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July 1 deadline

62 Grimsby Phantom Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets Sponsoring Committee
$42,700 over nine months to create four multi-purpose rooms to be used for organization workspace, community meetings and youth leadership programs at the Mountain Ridge Community Centre in Grimsby.

Carousel Players
$10,000 over six months to purchase an energy-efficient, touring light system to be used at theatrical performances delivered throughout Niagara and Ontario.

Catholic Children's Aid Society of Hamilton, as lead organization on this collaborative
$50,000 over three years to hire a project coordinator who will facilitate the work of collaborating organizations that are focused on providing Francophone families in Hamilton and Niagara with access to a range of child welfare services delivered in French in an easy, timely and responsive manner.

Community Outreach Program Erie
$7,300 over six months to install an energy-efficient heating and air conditioning system in the Fort Erie food bank and community resource centre.

Filipino-Canadian Association of Niagara
$5,900 over nine months to purchase youth and adult sports equipment, folk dance costumes and cooking equipment for food preparation for various cultural festivals. These items will help increase cultural participation and awareness of the Filipino community throughout Niagara.

Friends of Laura Secord
$52,400 over one year to hire an event coordinator to build awareness, knowledge and understanding of the historical significance of Laura Secord's involvement in the War of 1812. Funding will also support website development and volunteer training in Niagara.

Gateway Residential & Community Support Services of Niagara
$14,900 over nine months to furnish and equip a community room in Repei Place in Port Colborne that will be used for programming, training, recreational activities and social gatherings for consumers and community partners. The facility provides mental health housing and support services.

Hope Furniture Bank
$75,800 over two years to hire a business manager who will increase the organization's capacity to provide basic home furnishings for families and individuals in need throughout the Niagara region.

INITIARTIS ( Initiative d'intégration des talents immigrants dans les arts et l'industrie du spectac
$64,800 over one year to hire a project coordinator to create an artist directory and a "TV sitcom" style presentation based on real life examples of the integration process faced by Francophone immigrants. The directory and presentation will also offer employment opportunities for Francophone newcomers and Ontarian artists in various artistic trades in the Hamilton and Niagara regions.

Niagara Chapter Native Women Inc.
$30,000 over nine months to renovate the resource centre and ensure accessibility to programs and services offered to Aboriginal women in Fort Erie. This includes accessibility improvements to the entrance and washroom, roof repairs and flooring.

Niagara Falls Art Gallery/Niagara Children's Museum
$151,200 over three years to establish a digital arts lab and programming for children and youth throughout Niagara. The program will develop skills which will enhance future learning and employment opportunities.

Niagara Falls International Marathon Inc
$75,600 over two years to hire a manager of operations to help grow the marathon and the sport of running in Niagara.

St. Catharines Cricket Club
$13,400 over nine months to purchase grounds-keeping equipment to maintain Niagara's only cricket facility.

Start Me Up Niagara, as lead organization on this collaborative
$112,100 over two years to support the business planning and development process needed to establish a community food cooperative in downtown St. Catharines.

Therapy Tails Niagara
$9,000 over one year to develop operating systems which enhance operational efficiency, engage more volunteers, and support data collection and program evaluation. This dog visitation program uses volunteers and therapy dogs to support various community agencies as they help make individual lives better.

Young Carers Initiative
$136,100 over two years to hire a family and community engagement coordinator to develop support systems and programming for young caregivers and their families in Niagara and Haldimand-Norfolk. Young carers are children and teens whose lives are impacted because they are caring for an ill or disabled family member at home.

YWCA of St. Catharines
$70,800 over nine months to install a new computer system that links with those of other partners, introduce a centralized telephone system to ensure clients, donors and service partners receive quality service, and to purchase a walk-in cooler/freezer to store food donated by the community.

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March 1 deadline

Central United Church
$66,600 over nine months to upgrade the stage area and lighting, creating a multipurpose hall that will support cultural, artistic, recreational and social programming in Welland.

Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton/Niagara, as lead organization on this collaborative
$77,000 over two years to recruit and train new volunteers and keep current volunteers engaged in different activities. A regional volunteer program will promote long-term recruitment, training and retention of French-speaking volunteers assisting various organizations and increasing resources and services available to Niagara Francophones.

Grantham Lions Club
$36,900 over one year to install fencing, bleachers and barrier-free door operators which will enhance the safety and accessibility components of this St. Catharines facility and improve the recreational field area.

Head Injury Association of Fort Erie
$15,000 over one year to complete a strategic planning process, conduct research and develop a sustainable caregiver respite program for Niagara.

Hungarian Self Culture Society of Welland
$44,300 over one year to construct an accessible washroom and install a vertical platform lift to help ensure full access to this Welland community cultural facility.

Le Centre Polyvalent des Aînés Francophones de Port Colborne
$39,700 over one year to renovate the centre's facilities to make it safer and more comfortable for Francophone seniors and community members in the region.

Niagara 1812 Bicentennial Legacy Council Corporation
$60,000 over two years to hire an events coordinator to implement War of 1812 bicentennial events, projects and activities throughout Niagara.

Niagara Artists' Company, as lead organization on this collaborative
$21,800 over one year to exhibit contemporary art installations in Niagara's historical museums, which will stimulate discussion regarding currently-held views of the War of 1812 through a variety of cultural perspectives.

Niagara Sport Commission, as lead organization on this collaborative
$180,000 over three years to build the capacity of local communities and organizations to plan, host, manage and promote sporting events in order to increase sport tourism and economic activity in Niagara.

Niagara United Soccer Club
$75,000 over nine months to purchase a video scoreboard for the artificial turf field located in Niagara Falls.

Port Colborne Association for Resource Extension
$168,500 over three years to assist this neighbourhood association to develop a home maintenance program, community gardens and a social infrastructure that will address the needs of East Village Port Colborne.

ShortHills Cycling Club
$14,000 over one year to purchase trail construction equipment that will enable volunteers to restore and redesign sections of trail in Short Hills Provincial Park near St. Catharines.

St. Davids and District Lions Club
$75,200 over one year to install accessible washrooms to create a community-friendly facility that is open to all.

The Corporation of the City of Thorold
$50,000 over two years to hire a recreation coordinator to develop and strengthen recreational and cultural services provided by community groups in Thorold.

The Fergie Jenkins Foundation
$115,000 over one year to hire a curator and establish the Fergie Jenkins Museum in St. Catharines. The Museum will showcase the life of this former major league baseball pitcher and will house memorabilia related to local Black, sports and Canadian baseball history.

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