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November 1 deadline

$14,900 over six months to purchase computer tablets and learning applications for individuals with developmental disabilities who have autism and/or do not use words to communicate.

Albion Neighbourhood Services
$225,000 over three years to support three new programs to enhance the life of hundreds of youth in the Albion Hills neighbourhood of Toronto. The Youth Diversion-To-Leadership Program, the Youth Social/Recreational Program and the Youth Artistic/Creative Arts Program will be open to youth ages 13 to 18. Funds will help cover staffing and program costs such as art supplies, guest speakers and sport equipment.

Arts Etobicoke
$54,100 over six months to upgrade the phone and computer systems and obtain an upgraded photocopier. This will help reduce costs while increasing effectiveness in providing programs and services to over 20,000 community members annually in the Etobicoke area

Canadian Youth Golf Alliance
$75,000 over one year to introduce to youth living in Toronto's Jane and Finch area and the city's North-East end a unique program that offers youth employment, tutoring, and the opportunity to participate in and develop skills in the sport of golf.

Central Toronto Community Health Centres, as lead organization on this collaborative
$148,400 over two years to increase the capacity of diverse Toronto youth aged 16 to 29 to become HIV/sexual health peer educators in their local communities through the arts. Digital storytelling videos will be created and workshops will be delivered to over 200 youth per year.

$124,000 over two years to hire staff, re-design the organization's website and purchase office equipment to increase the efficiency of the festival, increase its visibility and to become self-sustainable. The Toronto festival celebrates and promotes French language cinema by presenting films from worldwide Francophone communities including Ontario and Québec.

Corpus Dance Projects, as lead organization on this collaborative
$165,000 over three years to support the staffing and program expenses to develop The Esplanadians, an initiative that will offer Toronto's Esplanade neighbourhood an opportunity to engage in the arts through a series of dance, theatre and music workshops and performances.

CultureLink Settlement Services, as lead organization on this collaborative
$249,000 over three years to implement the Bicycle-Friendly Schools project, which will deliver cycling educational programs in 16 Toronto high schools to enable diverse students, parents, teachers and staff to discover the personal, community and ecological benefits of cycling for transportation in a safe, healthy and happy way.

Dixon Hall
$131,200 over two years to support Regent Park Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP), which uses sport and recreation as a way to foster deeper relationships with Toronto at-risk youth in order to promote individual and community resilience.

East Toronto Basketball Association
$68,400 over three years to expand opportunities for children and youth to participate in basketball in Scarborough, North York and York. The grant will also support training and certification of the association's coaches.

Federation of Metropolitan Toronto Tenants' Associations
$120,600 over two years to develop and support volunteerism in high-rise apartment buildings by creating opportunities for residents to engage with each other by forming tenant associations, tenant group leadership activities and through partnerships with community agencies across Toronto, including Don Valley West, Toronto-Danforth, Trinity-Spadina, St. Paul’s, Rexdale, Downsview and Scarborough.

Future Possibilities Canada Inc.
$147,100 over two years to create a free civic-engagement camp for low income, newcomer and under-served Toronto children aged 8 to 12. Participants will develop their own contribution goal and lead a day of action to address a community need. Youth will also be involved as coaches to plan and facilitate a meaningful experience.

Gilda's Club Greater Toronto
$199,100 over two years to create a digital information and learning centre at its clubhouse in downtown Toronto. This centre will offer increased access to cancer-related information, opportunities to participate in digitally-supported programs and participation in social media activities, supporting individual and community resilience related to the cancer journey.

Good Foot Support Services
$12,000 over one year to measure the social impact this urban courier service in downtown Toronto is having on its own employees, who have developmental disabilities. This social return on investment report will help form a compelling case to obtain sustainable funding from donors and increased business from customers.

Hispanic Canadian Arts and Cultural Association
$20,000 over one year to fund the expansion of the Ontario Latin Arts Festival into a two-day event that will include workshops, audience development strategies and equipment. The Festival is a celebration of the Hispanic community of Toronto that features live performances of music, dance, storytelling, theatre, circus arts, visual arts and workshops.

Koffler Centre of the Arts
$150,000 over one year to renovate and equip a new office and gallery space at 180 Shaw Street in Toronto. The venue will showcase exhibitions, educational activities, expanded school programs and multidisciplinary programs reflecting this organization's eclectic mix.

Lab Cab Arts Festival
$64,000 over two years to hire staff to develop a volunteer and workshop program in order to expand the festival to a new location in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood. The weekend multi-arts festival will expand into the streets and businesses of Parkdale as venues for music, dance, theatre, readings, film and visual arts.

Lakeshore Area Multi-Services Project (LAMP)
$212,800 over three years to support salaries and programming expenses to deliver an Urban Arts & Multicultural Collective Project that will bring together youth in south and central Etobicoke to create, celebrate, experience, lead, learn, perform and inspire.

Learning Enrichment Foundation
$156,000 over two years to implement the organization's Emerging Entrepreneurs program in the Weston-Mt. Dennis community of Toronto by funding staff and equipment. The initiative will provide entry-level and intermediate entrepreneurial supports for people considering running home-based businesses as a way to increase family income.

Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto
$150,000 over one year to purchase equipment and technological upgrades that will allow the organization to work at the leading edge of digital cinema training, production and post-production. Activities will include education, community outreach, affordable access to equipment, exhibitions and presentations of media art works, non-commercial film and video.

Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forest
$117,200 over two years to hire a program manager to increase the long-term sustainability of this urban forest organization and provide improved services in Toronto and York Region. More efficient and powerful operational systems will be created, and staff, board and volunteers will be better trained.

Maple Leaf Theatre for Social Responsibility
$75,000 over one year to raise awareness and educate older people in the Toronto community on the various forms of elder abuse and share strategies on how they can protect themselves against it. Toronto seniors will be engaged to deliver multi-media workshops and cabaret productions in four Toronto neighbourhoods.

Moorelands Community Services
$22,500 over six months to undertake minor renovations and buy equipment for Moorelands Wilderness Camp which is attended each summer by 600 socioeconomically disadvantaged children and youth from across Toronto.

Native Earth Performing Arts Inc
$41,200 over six months to purchase equipment for the theatre and to provide safety protocols and training for staff and volunteers. This initiative will support the Aki Theatre's position as a leader in venue accessibility and safety.

No.9: Contemporary Art & the Environment
$197,000 over three years to hire staff to develop a series of art and environment-based programs for schools and the general public in partnership with Evergreen at Toronto's Brickworks. The multi-year project will engage diverse communities and offer programs free of charge to youth, adults, seniors and Toronto families.

Parkdale Activity - Recreation Centre (Toronto)
$14,500 over one year to establish the Toronto Tool Library, the city's first community space dedicated to giving community members, organizations and businesses access to the tools and training they need for neighbourhood greening and improvement projects. This project will be part of the growing ‘Sharing Economy’ movement, emphasizing access over excess and experiences over possessions in a holistic vision of a more sustainable world.

Regent Park Community Health Centre
$150,000 over two years to support Resiliency In Action, a community engagement project for residents of Toronto's Regent Park and Moss Park that will strengthen individual and community capacity to respond to adverse events. The program will provide training and coaching, enabling residents to provide leadership in utilizing and modelling alternative approaches to dealing with conflict situations.

Rosalie Hall, as lead organization on this collaborative
$270,200 over three years to establish a volunteer-based leadership program to mentor youth in Scarborough's Dorset Park neighbourhood in civic engagement and community development. Funding will support the staffing, resources, workshops, services, events and mentorship elements of the initiative. A range of leadership and social recreational programming will also be provided.

Scarborough Pipe Band Inc.
$11,500 over seven months to purchase musical instruments and support instruction for beginner drummers. This will support the band's annual performances at a range of parades and community events across the city.

Seed to Table
$105,900 over three years to engage East Scarborough residents in healthy eating and cooking activities, gardening, and inter-generational recreation. Funding will support staffing and program expenses.

SKETCH - Working Arts for Street-Involved and Homeless Youth, as lead organization on this collaborative
$16,100 over one year to engage youth to develop a series of green art installations at several Toronto community food gardens. Participants will gain meaningful work and educational experience, while encouraging dialogue around questions of sustainability and food waste.

South Riverdale Community Health Centre
$272,000 over three years to implement a community-based model for health promotion and community engagement for more than 2,000 newcomers by funding staff and equipment. Three east Toronto neighbourhoods will have access to job skills training, physical activity programs and opportunities to learn about healthy active living.

The Children's Bookbank and Literacy Foundation
$15,000 over two years to provide free books and literacy support to more children in high needs Toronto neighbourhoods. This will support children's academic success.

The Muc Shelter Corporation
$24,000 over three months to renovate its commercial kitchen in order to increase the health, safety and efficiency of food preparation for refugee and immigrant clients and community members who purchase meals at low cost in downtown east Toronto.

The Nightingale Arts Council
$14,800 over six months to replace and upgrade equipment necessary to serve Toronto artists working in new technologies and to present their work in a professional manner.

The St. Christopher House
$150,000 over one year to repair the exterior of the Meeting Place, a Toronto drop-in centre that provides essential community services for adults who are homeless, under-housed and/or have serious mental health or addictions issues. Serving around 200 adults a day, the facility works to increase access to housing and income through counseling, public education and skills development. It is also a community space that offers safety, security and access to basic needs.

the Sustainable Thinking and Expression on Public Space Initiative (STEPS Initiative)
$133,500 over two years to further develop and expand an arts-based civic engagement program for youth aged 14 to 20 to additional Toronto neighbourhoods. Funding will support an incubation phase to build the capacity of participants to undertake public art projects. A toolkit to replicate the program will also be developed. Marketing the program to schools and agencies will help contribute to the organization's sustainability.

Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre, as lead organization on this collaborative
$75,000 over one year to support the Gi Maamaanan project that will re-naturalize part of the Lower Humber River lands in Toronto, in what is known as the Lake Iroquois Sand Plain. The collaborative will hire staff, lease facilities and work using regional indigenous knowledge, demonstrate Aboriginal leadership, train Aboriginal youth, and undertake meaningful, ongoing engagement of the surrounding diverse community.

Toronto Inner-City Rugby Football Association Inc.
$182,200 over two years to expand community building programs that centre around equitable access to rugby. This is accomplished by working with the sports governing bodies, clubs, and other stakeholders to break down financial, cultural, and geographic barriers to playing rugby for Toronto’s underprivileged youth and newcomers to Canada.

Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships in Community
$55,000 over two years to overhaul this organization's volunteer program to shift from an institutional-based model of schools and long-term care facilities to a community-based model. This will better serve youth and older adults across Toronto, including Scarborough, Toronto-Danforth, South Riverdale and residents living in Toronto Community Housing buildings across Toronto.

Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs
$74,600 over six months to purchase a new 24-seat van that will replace a 22 year-old six-seat van. The new vehicle will transport over 15,000 children and youth to programs each year.

TransCare Community Support Services
$149,700 over one year to enhance supports to low-income seniors and other individuals with disabilities in Scarborough. The organization will purchase two vans and invest in marketing efforts including print materials, video production and website development.

TREC Charitable Foundation
$120,100 over two years to provide Toronto elementary and high-school students with hands-on learning through a renewable energy design challenge. Through workshops and educational kits, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the connection between energy and the environment, and build a device powered by renewable energy that will be displayed in community locations.

UrbanArts Community Arts Council, as lead organization on this collaborative
$224,500 over three years to strengthen and expand the Young Men of Honour Leadership Development Program, an initiative that engages youth in grades 6 to 10 in Toronto's Weston-Mt. Dennis neighbourhood in mufti-disciplinary arts activities to address social issues and provide the necessary tools to increase self-awareness and healthy self-development.

Volcano Non-Profit Productions Inc., as lead organization on this collaborative
$75,000 over two years to support a staff position in a shared management model with Peggy Baker Dance. The new position will enable the two organizations to build bigger audiences, plan and implement social media strategies and develop new marketing opportunities for their programs.

Weston King Neighbourhood Centre (WKNC)
$110,000 over two years to hire an executive director to increase organizational capacity and impact, and establish and operate a new satellite centre in the adjoining community of Mt. Dennis in Toronto.

Women's Art Resource Centre
$13,700 over one year to renovate the office and curatorial space in order to make the entire organization wheelchair-accessible. This will create greater inclusiveness and broaden participation in the arts.

Women's Habitat of Etobicoke
$150,000 over one year to substantially renovate this shelter for women and their children. Improvements will include a children's playroom and library, improved security and accessibility, creation of a main floor office space and an enlarged second floor living area.

Wychwood Barns Community Association
$12,000 over one year to hire a volunteer coordinator to support the development of the 100th Anniversary of the St. Clair Streetcar and the Wychwood Car Barns.The anniversary will include celebration events, exhibitions and a symposium in order to increase civic and community engagement.

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July 1 deadline

Abrigo Centre
$124,900 over two years to conduct a needs assessment and program evaluation for this west-end Toronto organization that helps youth, newcomers, parents, seniors, women experiencing abuse, volunteers and students achieve their full potential.

$150,000 over one year to install an elevator and renovate this group's new location to include rehearsal/performance space, a recording booth, kitchenette, offices and a storage room. This will support the continued work of creative music artists in Toronto.

Art Starts Neighbourhood Cultural Centre, as lead organization on this collaborative
$219,100 over five years to provide art-based activities to residents of the Villaways neighbourhood at Leslie and Sheppard in Toronto, a public housing community slated for revitalization. Arts will be used to help residents process their thoughts and feelings about the displacement and revitalization process. Funding will support staffing and artists fees, program expenses and evaluation, and creation of a model for other areas undergoing revitalization.

ArtReach Toronto
$127,000 over two years to expand the Grassroots Organizing and Leadership (GOAL) Youth Capacity Building Workshop Series to provide Toronto youth with the skills, resources, networks and opportunities to support their life goals. Funds will be used to offer more workshops per year and in new locations, expand their content, enhance online learning, offer youth facilitation training and improve evaluation activities.

Balmy Beach Canoe Club
$149,200 over one year to purchase boats and a van that will be used for camps, regular programs, training and competitions for nearly 1,000 paddlers of all ages and abilities.

$74,900 over one year to create and launch a video-on-demand internet platform of Afri-centric and Caribbean-themed audio visual content for Toronto-based educators, students, community groups and individuals. The site will allow for accessible, secure, cost-effective digital downloading, streaming video and internet television for use as curriculum tools and related educational content, as well as for general information.

Centre d'échange culturel africain de l'Ontario
$4,500 over three months to purchase cooking equipment for a Francophone social enterprise called Allocodrome that organizes African cultural events and offers catering services. Community members also have the opportunity to volunteer in planning the events and preparing meals.

Centre for Indigenous Theatre
$125,600 over one year to renovate and purchase equipment for training, performance and administrative functions in the new Artscape YOUNGplace building in Toronto. This will enhance the theatre's capacity to deliver high-calibre, culturally-specific performance training and to interpret, present and develop contemporary Aboriginal theatrical works in downtown west Toronto.

Centre for Mindfulness Studies
$47,900 over one year to pilot a train-the-trainer stress reduction program that will bring mindfulness skills to front-line staff working with marginalized groups in Toronto. Up to 300 staff will receive the training from their co-workers, thereby extending the benefits beyond the participants.

Council of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA)
$224,100 over three years to support a volunteer development initiative that will increase civic participation and promote social inclusion of South Asian communities in Scarborough and Brampton, providing opportunities for the development of more inclusive policies and programs in the arts, recreation and environment sectors. Funds will be used for a project coordinator and program costs.

Diaspora Dialogues Charitable Society, as lead organization on this collaborative
$212,700 over three years to hire staff to create and facilitate year-round programs for under-served youth and young adults from inner-city and Toronto priority neighbourhoods. In collaboration with Impossible Arts, programs will include a hip-hop and lyric-writing initiative, a reading/performance salon and scriptwriting/filmmaking workshops.

East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club
$375,000 over five years to deliver the Generation Next Youth Leadership Development Programs, designed to build positive identity, self-esteem and resiliency skills of children and youth ages 11 to 18. Funding will support over 1,000 spaces for youth in nine programs, as well as staffing and administrative costs, supplies and transportation costs.

East York Concert Band
$24,400 over six months to purchase new instruments, sound equipment and music, and redesign the website of this Toronto community band. This will enhance the band's capacity to attract new members, market its concerts, and attract and engage audiences of all ages, particularly seniors.

EcoSpark Environmental Organization
$69,500 over one year to conduct a feasibility study and pilot two courses in Toronto for Nature Academy, a social enterprise that will offer training to increase the hands-on environmental knowledge of teachers and educators.

Elspeth Heyworth Centre for Women
$11,300 over three months to purchase equipment to increase the safety and efficiency at the new location of this north-west Toronto organization that provides services to newcomer women and their families.

Federation of Ontario Naturalists, as lead organization on this collaborative
$75,000 over one year to engage Toronto low-income and newcomer youth in outdoor, nature-based activities and volunteering opportunities. This pilot will enhance participants’ sense of community, strengthen their appreciation for the natural world and expand their knowledge of communities and organizations working to realize positive social and environmental change. Funding will support staffing, programming and administrative costs.

$300,000 over four years to support the Community Food Animation initiative which will work to reduce hunger and food insecurity and improve access to and knowledge of healthy, affordable and culturally-appropriate food for diverse communities throughout Toronto, particularly neighbourhoods under-served by retail food stores, social services and food programs. Funds will be used for staffing and program costs.

Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography
$146,500 over one year to renovate the office and storage space and purchase equipment. A basement area will be upgraded to support digital imaging, darkrooms will be upgraded, and new digital cameras, projector and monitors will be purchased. This will enhance the capacity of this Toronto gallery to serve its membership and the community.

Geneva Centre for Autism
$51,800 over two years to renovate a space for The Cafe, which will be used for training, internships and part-time employment for youth and adults with autism spectrum disorders from across Toronto. Participants will develop entrepreneurial and real-life skills with the goal of transitioning to sustainable employment.

Harbord Village Residents' Association
$18,000 over one year to create an exhibit on the history of Toronto's Harbord Village from 1930 to 1980 that will be available online, through plaques bearing QR-codes, and at the local community centre and schools. The project will promote community involvement, enhance appreciation of the village's history and provide insight into urban neighbourhoods in the 21st century.

Homes First Foundation
$129,300 over two years to support a volunteer program that aids community members dealing with homelessness and mental illness by engaging residents of the shelters, neighbours and donors in interactive volunteer activities across Toronto. Funding will be used for ongoing program costs.

Necessary Angel Theatre Company
$29,300 over one year to develop and pilot a free 12-week educational theatre program for at-risk youth in Toronto's Weston-Mount Dennis community. Participants will undertake creative writing, text analysis and scene study, work together to build stories and take movement workshops before transforming their ideas into a short theatrical production. Funding will support staffing, guest instruction and supplies.

North York Community House
$221,900 over three years to support Stepping Stones to Leadership, a volunteer mentorship program pairing newcomers in north-west Toronto with established Canadians to build skills, create and achieve career and life goals, and increase their capacity for success.

Our Place Community of Hope Centre (Metropolitan Toronto)
$3,400 over three months to purchase equipment and furniture to help this Toronto drop-in centre better serve isolated individuals who experience mental health problems. The agency provides a safe and stable environment and helps participants build skills for independent living and access other services and supports.

Parkdale Activity - Recreation Centre (Toronto), as lead organization on this collaborative
$148,800 over two years to support the Community Food Flow Project, which will assess how, what types and what quality of food gets to Toronto's low-income communities and neighbourhoods. The project will look at the challenges that can limit people’s access to food, such as poverty and mental health issues, high rents or lack of convenient food outlets, and pilot initiatives to increase access to affordable, healthy and culturally-appropriate food.

ReelWorld Foundation
$50,000 over one year to develop strategic and business plans that will prepare this organization to continue to create opportunities for emerging and established filmmakers from diverse and multi-racial communities.

Salon du livre de Toronto
$60,500 over one year to conduct an organizational review, develop a strategic plan, create a communication plan, establish an office and purchase furniture and equipment to increase the capacity of this Toronto French language book fair.

Scarborough Basketball Association
$44,300 over three years to purchase equipment, support an online police reference check program for association volunteers, and develop a website to track game statistics and attract new players.

Scarborough Blizzard Youth Soccer Club
$72,100 over one year to fund the shared use of sports equipment, coaching and volunteer training support for the Fun to Play, Fun to Grow and Fun to Learn program, which offers in-school and after-school physical activities for students in four Toronto schools. The funding will mean 300 students will be able to participate in these summer and winter soccer programs, who otherwise could not afford to do so.

Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra
$8,400 over one year to assess and revamp the organization’s website. This will increase public awareness of the orchestra and support online ticketing and donations.

Southern Currents Film and Video Collective
$127,000 over three years to increase the organization's visibility and outreach in Toronto and Mississauga in order to expand programs, volunteers and audience. The organization will hire staff, revamp its website and develop new programs including free community screenings, educational projects for youth and a Latin-American cinema series.

Story Planet
$40,000 over one year to create a publication written, illustrated, designed and laid out by youth in Toronto's Bloordale community. Professional Toronto authors and artists will mentor youth as they share their stories, write and create artwork while strengthening their literacy and communication skills.

Studio 180 Theatre
$150,000 over three years to increase the capacity and administrative infrastructure needed to implement a development program necessary for the long-term sustainability of the organization. Funds will support staffing, computers and software, database development and office furniture.

The Base
$50,000 over one year to fund staffing, programming and evaluation costs for a pilot program that will provide emerging Toronto community initiatives with both back office administrative support and project management and financial literacy skills-building opportunities to enable them to bring their creative ideas to fruition.

The Hope Exchange
$45,000 over three years to expand the Children's Compassion Series, a successful in-school program that engages Toronto children in grades 1 to 8. Through hands-on activities, children learn to have compassion for others, especially the vulnerable. Funding will allow the program to be introduced into 20 new schools, reaching over 1,500 youth each year.

The Incorporated Ministry in Flemingdon Park, as lead organization on this collaborative
$174,900 over three years to support staffing and program costs to expand the Food Access program, which includes community gardens, community kitchen programs and leadership workshops for low-income residents in Toronto's Flemingdon Park. This collaborative with the Flemingdon Health Centre, Flemingdon Community Food Bank and Daily Bread Food Bank will result in an increased positive mental health, reduced social isolation, and new food safety and nutrition skills for participants.

The Paradigm Shift Project
$4,800 over one year to deliver Be the Shift!, a program that will engage Toronto youth aged 12 to 21 as global citizens and educate them on a range of social and environmental issues, as well as offer training on how to use digital and social media responsibly to achieve positive social change.

Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office for Social and Multicultural Development
$300,000 over four years to support community engagement and leadership programming for children and youth in Toronto's Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park, including the establishment of children and youth advisory councils, a girls' empowerment and engagement program, peer-to-peer mentoring and arts and recreational activities that engage youth with their community and larger city.

Toronto Iranians Community Group
$20,000 over one year to support an oral history project that will preserve the personal stories of first generation Iranian-Canadian community leaders, increase inter-generational community connections and expand perspectives on the contributions of Iranian Canadians to Toronto and Canada. Seniors will share their stories of migration with Iranian-Canadian youth who will record and document them.

$25,000 over one year to purchase helmets and equipment pads in order to expand an equipment loan program and thereby allow greater access to the sport in east Toronto. Funding will also support the training of youth to become umpires and coaches.

Working Women Community Centre, as lead organization on this collaborative
$209,700 over three years to hire a volunteer coordinator to expand the On Your Mark volunteer tutoring program for children in Portuguese and Spanish speaking communities. The program promotes personal and academic growth and increases levels of student success by addressing cultural and systemic issues that affect the students, who come from 53 schools across Toronto.

YMCA of Greater Toronto, as lead organization on this collaborative
$375,000 over five years to support staffing and administration costs to boost physical activity among Toronto residents, especially among groups that tend to be less active, including newcomers, teenaged girls and people with low incomes. This will be achieved through the production and dissemination of the Get Active Report on Physical Activity, hosting Get Active Toronto Days, and working with key city stakeholders.

Young Diplomats Ethiopian Youth Development Group
$224,500 over three years to enable Ethiopian-Canadian youth in Toronto to better support family members and peers experiencing mental health issues through a comprehensive development program that will help these youth become mental health community educators and leaders in their community.

YouthLink, as lead organization on this collaborative
$217,700 over three years to support the Scarborough Youth Leaders in Action initiative. Youth will gain an understanding of the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to provide leadership in civic engagement, and in their personal and professional lives. Participants will lead an initiative that addresses a need in their community, and take responsibility for developing a plan, recruiting youth volunteers, executing decisions and solving problems.

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March 1 deadline

$5,200 over nine months to purchase a virtual flight simulator to increase general interest in air studies and attract new youth to this Toronto cadet program.

Africans in Partnership Against AIDS, as lead organization on this collaborative
$225,000 over three years to support the program Raising Sexually Healthy Children within five African Canadian communities across Toronto. It will use a peer-led train-the-trainer model to engage parents and caregivers, increasing their awareness about the importance of sharing factual information about sexual health with their children and equipping them with specific communication and facilitation skills.

Art-Official Inc.
$32,900 over one year to purchase computer hardware and software and support staffing to digitize, process and manage an interactive archive of the Canadian conceptual art movement.

Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic
$225,000 over three years to provide young Toronto Muslim women with leadership skills and empower them to develop their own responses to family violence, forced marriage and honour crimes. Convened conversations and a forum will be held, and principles, promising practices and protocols developed, and educational materials created to help service providers respond in a more holistic manner.

Bird Studies Canada, as lead organization on this collaborative
$148,900 over three years to support the Increasing Public Access to Nature Through Birds initiative, which promotes awareness and appreciation of Toronto’s urban biodiversity and engages the community in a variety of bird monitoring projects that will help city-dwellers to connect with nature, and promote the conservation, protection and enhancement of Toronto's natural environment.

Braeburn Neighbourhood Place Inc.
$152,400 over three years to offer a youth development program, a physical fitness program for girls and women, and settlement support for families. These programs will benefit hundreds of children, youth and families in Toronto's Rexdale community.

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, as lead organization on this collaborative
$310,000 over three years to develop infrastructure to establish the Toronto Media Arts Cluster into its new home in Toronto's Queen West arts district. It will house multiple exhibition spaces, production facilities, workshops, archives and office space for six artist-run-centre members and other arts organizations The facility will contain new collectively-managed facilities, a small theatre, studio apartments for visiting artists, classrooms and meeting spaces.

Centre for City Ecology
$80,000 over two years to engage youth, seniors and community members from low-income Toronto communities to create a vision for the future of their own neighbourhoods. Participants will join with urban design practitioners to capture ideas to make their surroundings more livable. Out of the working sessions, 3D virtual plans will be developed and participants will have the knowledge, tools and confidence to discuss their vision for their neighbourhood.

Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre
$271,400 over three years to hire a manager for the Social Enterprise Innovation Centre to oversee the financial sustainability of four operations: a restaurant, recording studio, design studio and the Green Living Showroom. Up to 500 youth will participate in various training programs and 600 Toronto residents, business owners and organizations will take part in the green living educational activities. Funds will also support renovations.

Community MicroSkills Development Centre
$284,800 over 45 months to support salary costs to implement 'Youth Access to Career Success', a multi-faceted career development model that will provide employment planning for youth in north Etobicoke. The program will be evaluated for replication in other communities.

COSTI Immigrant Services
$97,100 over six months to increase physical accessibility and enhance health and safety conditions of two locations of this Toronto organization that provides employment, educational, settlement and social services to immigrant communities and new Canadians.

Crow's Theatre
$56,000 over three years to increase capacity so the organization can transition into its new facility, a cultural hub located in Toronto's East End. Funding will support staffing, a community consultation process, the development of audiences and new partnerships, and activities to increase engagement in the arts.

Delta Family Resource Centre, as lead organization on this collaborative
$219,900 over three years to support program costs to implement the Greener Future initiative, which will encourage residents of Humber Summit in north-west Toronto to become leaders and animators of green change, and help develop greening initiatives to address local food issues.

Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services, as lead organization on this collaborative
$276,000 over three years to support staff and renovations to implement programs in sports, mentorship, literacy and academic support for children and youth of Toronto's Chalkfarm neighbourhood in North York. This is a collaborative of a multi-service community organization, the locale's high-rise property management firm, the Believe to Achieve Foundation and Literature for Life.

Ducks Unlimited Canada-Provincial, as lead organization on this collaborative
$53,800 over three years to select a high-needs inner-city Toronto high school as a Wetland Centre of Excellence and engage youth in local, hands-on environmental stewardship projects. Funding will support staffing, equipment, field trip costs and workshops.

Flemingdon Community Legal Services, as lead organization on this collaborative
conduct a community engagement study to determine whether residents of Toronto's Flemingdon Park neighbourhood see a need to create a community hub, a central space to connect with social services and community programs. The feasibility study would engage local residents, thereby increasing their awareness and usage of any future hub.

Les Centres d'Accueil Héritage
$24,700 over six months to purchase tables and chairs for a community room widely used by Toronto's Francophone community for day programs, support services, community meals, recreational activities and cultural events.

MacBeck Studios Inc. O/A DanceWorks, as lead organization on this collaborative
$14,300 over one year to upgrade IT equipment, purchase computers and furniture, and enhance filing and storage solutions for this collaborative, comprised of Danceworks, Dance Ontario and the CanDance Network.

Mammalian Diving Reflex Theatre Group
$118,900 over three years to develop the group's youth wing, The Young Mammals, a city-wide initiative to connect young people, businesses, neighbourhoods and organizations to nurture civic engagement, share social capital and create a new generation of diverse artists, designers, administrators and cultural entrepreneurs. Initially launched in Toronto's Parkdale community, the program will expand to include young people from Toronto priority neighbourhoods.

Nazareth House Inc.
$18,100 over six months to install new energy-efficient windows in a non-denominational residence for single mothers of infants and women in downtown Toronto, improving health and safety for participants in a rehabilitative program. This will support the recovery and improved quality of life of vulnerable community members.

North York Harvest Food Bank, as lead organization on this collaborative
$234,800 over three years to renovate and optimize use of a new multi-use community food space at Toronto's Don Mills-Sheppard neighbourhood in order to build a healthy community through food programs, such as meal preparation and community kitchens.

Ontario Forestry Association
$7,500 over one year to plan, promote and pilot a one-day tour of woodlots in York Region. This initiative will provide Toronto and York Region residents with an opportunity to learn about responsible land management, and showcase the ecological services and biodiversity value of forests in Southern Ontario.

OutSport Toronto
$58,600 over four years to support operating expenses and outreach activities, increasing the capacity and awareness of the organization. This will enable the group to coordinate many groups and individual athletes resulting in more efficient and effective use of resources, ultimately building the capacity of the LGBT sport community.

Project Wildfire
$100,000 over two years to fund coordinator positions for this Toronto social enterprise creation program for young people aged 19 to 29, including those from low-income neighbourhoods. Participants will have access to introductory workshops and pitch their business ideas in an online video contest. Finalists will be mentored and winners will incubate their social enterprise. All participants will be provided with ongoing resources.

Promoting Education and Community Health
$267,600 over two years to support renovations, equipment and operating costs that will enable the organization to move to a larger space and expand programs for marginalized youth in Toronto's Jane-Finch area. This will encourage them to stay in school, make positive life choices, and increase their opportunities for academic and economic achievement.

Regent Park Film Festival Inc
$77,800 over three years to build long-term capacity for greater community engagement and sustainability in the organization's move to the new Regent Park Arts and Culture Centre in Toronto. Funding will support an ambassador program, website and communications enhancements, equipment purchases and the development of collaborative opportunities through new community partnerships.

Renascent Foundation Inc.
$150,000 over nine months to support washroom and hallway renovations to the Graham Munro Women's Centre in downtown Toronto, enhancing the treatment experience for clients by promoting an environment of comfort, self-esteem and trust that facilitates recovery, education and prevention relating to alcohol and drug addictions.

Revue Film Society
$91,500 over one year to purchase new digital projection and sound equipment for the organization's heritage movie theatre in Toronto's Roncesvalles neighbourhood. This will provide cinema and arts programming for the public and local High Park and Parkdale residents.

Scarborough Arts, as lead organization on this collaborative
$222,600 over three years to support a collaborative youth-focused initiative that uses music programming and project planning to build skills, provide pre-employment training and empower Scarborough youth through creative activities.

SKETCH - Working Arts for Street-Involved and Homeless Youth, as lead organization on this collaborative
$75,000 over one year to hire staff and youth facilitators to develop the CUE collective, a youth-organized arts initiative dedicated to mentoring, supporting and providing opportunities to marginalized young artists in Toronto. This collaborative of five community organizations will undertake outreach, leadership training, audience development and promotion of this city-wide opportunity for youth artists in need of accessible and customized support.

Sri Lankan Seniors' Group of Etobicoke
$33,700 over two years to support program costs to expand opportunities for youth to engage in arts and culture activities. This project will provide youth with opportunities to build their self-esteem and confidence while learning to dance or play musical instruments.

SuiteLife Arts For Youth
$79,200 over three years to support a youth arts festival in Scarborough Village. Youth will plan the events, gaining experience working alongside industry professionals to their enhance business, technical and performance skills.

TAIBU Community Health Centre, as lead organization on this collaborative
$324,900 over three years to hire a coordinator to pilot an Older Adults Community Village program in the Malvern and Oakridge/Teesdale neighbourhoods of Scarborough. Older adults will be empowered to remain active and engaged in their communities and stay in their own neighborhoods as they age.

The Blind Sailing Association of Canada
$70,000 over six months to purchase two new or late model accessible sailboats and allow the organization to continue to offer recreational sailing, training and skills development to blind and visually-impaired sailors in Toronto. This is the only program of its kind in Canada.

The Panatics Steelband Network
$35,000 over two years to provide steel drum training to more youth from low-income families in Scarborough and surrounding communities. This would help the organization increase membership, support succession planning and foster the development of steel band practitioners and aficionados.

Toronto Association of Neighbourhood Services
$224,400 over three years to assist 34 neighbourhood centres in Toronto to develop new collective approaches to organize their assets and enhance organizational sustainability and community impact. The project will generate tools and practices to support collaboration in six areas: service integration, network-level HR practices, successful consortiums, back-office integration and joint purchasing, social enterprise for low income communities and successful mergers.

West Indies United Sports Club Toronto Inc
$20,700 over two years to support the development of an under 21 team providing youth in Toronto's Malvern community the opportunity to continue playing organized soccer and participate in the Ontario Soccer League.

Young People's Theatre
$149,700 over one year to upgrade outdated and inefficient equipment including lighting, wireless and backstage communications, and an assisted listening system. This will support the theatre’s continued role in creating and producing professional performances for children and youth in Toronto.

$149,900 over one year to upgrade the organization’s IT infrastructure, allowing it to implement new systems, tools and software to improve financial and human resources management, marketing and fund-raising, youth outreach and engagement, maintenance of client files, program evaluation and volunteer recruitment. This will enhance the organization's vital role in providing services to children and youth in Scarborough.

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